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Coastal Consulting & Exploration performs bathymetric surveys with different degrees of resolution, data density and accuracy according to the finalities of the survey and the specific demands of the Clients.

These ranging from the easiest survey, where bathymetric data are acquired by a single beam echo sounder along sections opportunely spaced, to the most complexes, executed with different types of high resolution multi beam echo sounders. This is the latest marine technology, that allow to investigate completely the seafloor with high detail and great density of data. The newer dual-had multi beam system provides up to 20,000 depth measurements per second.

The acquired data are post-processed using the latest software package available currently on the market.

These different surveys require different work procedures, starting from the planning to the survey up to the post processing phases.

[ Survey with single beam es - Survey with multi beam es ]

Scope of Work Application Field Equipment


     Data Acquisition
  • To measure the water depth, to investigate the morphology of the seafloor
  • Survey related to the construction and maintenance of submarine infrastructures (offshore platform, submarine pipelines, telecommunication and power cables, harbours)
  • Detection and mapping of debris and other underwater objects.
  • Dredging Activities
  • Studies regarding the burial effect in closed and artificial basins
  • Control of near shore areas and Inspection of structures for coastline defense
  • Scientific Research
  • Echo Sounders: RESON Navisound 215 (single beam), RESON SeaBat 8125 (multi beam), KONGSBERG EM3002 D dual head (multi beam)
  • Acquisition System (RESON - PDS2000, QPS - QINSy)
  • Heave Compensator (opt. for surveys with single beam es)
  • TSS DMS2-05 Motion Reference Unit (for surveys with multi beam es)
  • TSS Meridian Surveyor Gyro Compass (for surveys with multi beam es)
  • NAVITRONIC SVP15 Sound Velocità Probe
  • VALEPORT 710 Tide Gauge

three-dimensional representation of a bathymetric surveys
(example of surveys with echo Sounders multi beam)

Elaboration and restitution
  • Processing & Charting (Caris GIS - Esri ArcView - AutoCad)
  • Post Processing Software Package (Caris HIPS)
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inspections by Perseus R.O.V.
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