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We perform magnetometric surveys using Protons Magnetometer with Overhauser sensor.

· Magnetometer: it is composed by a Surface Control Unit, for the acquisition, the control and the recording of the data, and from a submarine vehicle ("tow fish"). This one is towed as close al possible to the seafloor, measuring with continuity the intensity of the magnetic field, which is composed by the sum of the Earth’s field magnetic and the local anomalies.
Usually magnetometric survey are used for detecting ferromagnetic objects laid on the seafloor or buried to varying depths. These targets are located by measuring the magnetic gradient around the target. Conventional magnetometer techniques measure this gradient indirectly, requiring processing software to calculate it after the survey is complete.

Moreover it is possible to use two sensors (gradiometer configuration) in order to measure gradient in one dimension, improving data collection quality.
Scope of Work Application Field Equipment
       Data Acquisition
  • To measure the intensity of the magnetic field
  • • To detect ferromagnetic object laid on the seafloor or buried
  • • To check the position of submarine systems buried below the seafloor (cables, pipelines, etc.)
  • Wrecks Research
  • Engineering and Building of marine infrastructures
  • Environmental Studies
  • Scientific Research
  • Archaeological Research
        Software di acquisizione
  • Software Acquisizione
    (SeaLINK / Thales PDS2000)
The SeaSPY magnetometer can be interfaced to a side scan sonar, in order to execute morphologic and magnetometer survey in the same moment.  
Configuration combined magnetometer - side scan sonar    
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