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To define the morphology of the seafloor, to study its nature, the distribution of the sediments and rocky outcrops, the extension of the seagrass prairies, to detect debris and other underwater objects. This is the scope of work in a morphologic survey.

This task is executed using a side scan sonar, which is composed by a Surface Acquisition Unit (for the control and acquisition of the data) and an underwater vehicle (tow fish). During the execution of the navigation lines, the fish is towed from the vessel and it flies on the seafloor sending acoustic pulse at regular time intervals

During the execution of each navigation line it is possible to investigate a corridor from 50 to 1000 m wide, depending from the resolution requested and the water depth of the work area. Usually the navigation lines are spaced in order to investigate the seafloor completely
Scope of Work Application Field Equipment
       Data Acquisition
  • to define the morphology of the seafloor
  • to study the nature of the seafloor, the distribution of the sediments, of the rocky outcrops and seagrass prairies
  • to detect objects on the seafloor
  • to check the position and the state of burial submarine structures
  • Survey related to the construction and maintenance of submarine infrastructures (offshore platform, submarine pipelines, telecommunication and power cables, harbours)
  • Environmental Studies
  • scientific research
  • archaeological research
  • Side Scan Sonar Systems
    (Benthos SIS-1500 - Benthos SIS-1625)
  • Acquisition Software
    (SwanPro - Communication Technology)
  • Underwater Positioning System – USBL (optional)
· CARIS SIPS (Sonar Information Processing System) is a powerful software system for processing sidescan sonar imagery and multibeam backscatter data. The data processing permits the user to mosaic multiple scenes presenting a continuous coverage.
example of mosaic.

Pulse geometry of a side scan sonar. The amplitude of the reflected echoes depends from the nature of seafloor and its morphology.

  Elaboration and restitution

User Interface of the acquisition and control software (SwanPro). The area displayed is characterised by rocky outcrops and sandy areas with ripple marks

Display to check the data coverage in the work area

  • Side scan sonar imagery processing system (Caris SIPS)
  • Interpretation and mapping systems (Caris GIS - Esri ArcView)

The positioning of the sonar tow fish is obtained using a USBL (Ultra Short Base Line) underwater positioning system produced by Sonardyne. The USBL system involves measuring the range and bearing from the vessel based transceiver to the transponder installed onboard the underwater vehicle.
Subsequently the navigation software translate the relative positions of the underwater vehicle in geographical coordinates.


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