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Bathymetric Survey with multi beam echo sounder

This type of echo sounder radiates a very wide surface of the seafloor. With a single impulse it is possible to obtain a great number of measurements (up to 508) perpendicularly to the direction of advancement of the boat, with an investigated corridor usually up to seven/eight times the water depth.

In such way, it is possible to get the total coverage of the area with a great number of measurements for unity of surface (for example more than 40 measurements/m2 in waters shallower than 10 m)

Pulse geometry of a multi beam echo sounder     Example of a swath obtained with a RESON SeaBat 8125 multi beam echo sounder



In order to work properly, the multi beam echo sounder needs the data calculated by some external sensors, below described. These data are used in order to obtain real-time compensation for vessel motion and ray-bending:

  • Motion Reference Unit (Mru):
  • Girobussola
  • Continuous Sound Velocity Probe (Svp):
  • Sound Velocity Profiler
  • it is designed to compute vessel attitude (roll, pitch and heave) mainly caused by the sea waves. it measures the orientation of the boat accurately it is installed close to the multi beam transducer computing the sound velocity values continuously it measures the sound velocity profile in the water column.
    All the survey activities are managed using the navigation and acquisition systems equipped with RESON PDS2000 or QPS QINSy softwares.
    These systems provide all the tools to execute the survey, from the Survey Setup (geodetic parameters, vessel geometry, etc.), to Survey Planning, to Survey Execution and Quality Control, to Data Storage.
    A huge number of graphical and alpha numeric displays are available, making the survey activities and the quality control easier.

    For example the Navigation Display is used to display a top view of the work area with nautical chart in background, the vessel and the sounding grid, which can be useful to check the coverage of the survey and the quality of the data
    Moreover, the sounding grid gives immediately a quick understanding of the morphology and the water depths in the work area. This is very important working in very shallow water areas, in order to avoid dangerous areas and rocky outcrops.

    multi beam sounding grid
    • Better accuracy and resolution of the depth measurements
    • Full coverage of the work area with higher detail and great density of data. For example it is possible to obtain more than 40 measurements/m2 in water depths of about 10 m
    • Detection and mapping of debris and other underwater objects (pipeline, wrecks, etc.)
    • In water depths deeper than 5 or 10 m, the sector investigated is enough wide to decrease the number of navigation lines respect to a survey with single beam echo sounder. It means shorter survey and better quality/price ratio of the service provided.
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