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Coastal Consulting & Exploration performs different types of instrumental and visual inspections using R.O.V. (Remotley Operated Vehicle).

Scope of Work Application Field Equipment
       Data Acquisition
  • to define the morphology of the seafloor
  • to understand the nature of the seafloor, rocky outcrops, sea grass prairies, etc.
  • to check and to detect objects on the seafloor
  • to check the status of underwater infrastructures
  • Engineering and Building of marine infrastructures
  • Maintenance and Inspection of submarine infrastructures
  • Environmental Studies
  • Scientific Research
  • Archaeological Research
Image acquired by an underwater camera

· The positioning of the ROV is obtained using a USBL (Ultra Short Base Line) underwater positioning system produced by Sonardyne. The USBL system involves measuring the range and bearing from the vessel based transceiver to the transponder installed onboard the underwater vehicle. Subsequently the navigation software translate the relative positions of the underwater vehicle in geographical coordinates.

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