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Bathymetric Survey with single-beam echo sounder

Using this type of echo sounder, it is possible to measure the water depths below the boat. The survey consist in the execution of numerous parallel navigation lines, usually perpendicular to the shoreline.

Bathymetric Profile measured using the single beam echo sounder. There is a high data density along the section.

Bathymetric Chart obtained by a survey executed with a single beam echo sounder.
The numbers represent the depths measured by the echo sounder during the execution of the navigation lines. The contour lines are computed using interpolation processes.



The accuracy of the depths measured by the echo sounder can be improved using a heave compensator, which measures the variations of elevation of the boat due to the waves. These data are send in real time to the echo sounder for the opportune corrections.

The detail of the survey it mainly depends on the number of navigation lines and their distance.
The bathymetric data are processed applying statistic filters that independently work on the data of every single profile acquired. Subsequently, a digital model of the seafloor (DTM) is obtained using some interpolation algorithms.
The bathymetric charts (contour lines, etc) and profiles are extracted by the DTM.
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