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Office: 70124 Bari Via Aulisio 59-61 Italy
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Coastal Consulting & Exploration s.r.l. is an Italian company originated from an idea by a group of entrepreneurs, who wanted to share their knowledge and experience acquired over many years working in the field of off-shore survey, in order to create a business capable of operating in the marine and fresh water, geophysical survey, fields.

The Company has an exceptional ability to provide a wide range of high resolution surveys in coastal and shallow water areas using the most advanced equipments available on the international market.
In the Mediterranean Basin the survey services are carried out in a very time efficient manner, thanks to its two dedicated survey launches. These are, a 6.80 m enclosed launch for coastal or internal water surveys from 1 to 50 metres depth, and a Novamarine 9.25m enclosed launch fitted out for coastal and shallow water surveys from 2 to 200 metres depth.

The Company, through its dynamic structure, highly skilled specialists and technicians, aims to satisfy the requirements of its Client by providing a continually improving, efficient, high quality and safe service.
On May 22nd 2006 Coastal Consulting & Exploration passed the verification by Bureau Veritas for the achievement of the certification in accordance with ISO 9001:Vision 2000.
The Companies main markets are centred upon Italy, the surrounding Mediterranean areas and the Persian Gulf.


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