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This survey gives information about the shallow sub-bottom stratigraphy and geology.

Depending from the nature of the subsoil, and according to the resolution and penetration requested, different types of seismic sources can be used. These sources mainly are characterised by different frequency content and bandwidth of transmitted pulses.

· Sub Bottom Profiler (SBP):
it is composed by a Surface Control Unit, for the acquisition, the control and the recording of the data, and from a submarine vehicle ("tow fish"). The vessel tows the submarine vehicle along the planned lines to be surveyed. In the meantime, at regular intervals of time, the fish sends acoustic pulses. The frequency content of the pulses generated by various types equipment ranges from several tens of Hz to several tens of kHz.

Every seismic profile allows to get extremely detailed information in the first meters of subsoil, but with little penetration (maximum 30¸40 meters on clayey backdrops).

[ Sub Bottom Profiler - Sparker ]
Scope of Work Application Field Equipment
       Data Acquisition
  • to understand the stratigraphy and the geology of the subsoil (for example geologic structures buried, areas interested by landslides, gas plumes, sedimentary layers with gas, etc.)
  • to notice the presence of buried objects
  • checking the burial status of submarine infrastructures (pipelines, etc.)
  • engineering of submarine infrastructures (telecommunications cables, power cables, pipelines, harbours, etc.)
  • scientific research
  • archaeological research
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· Sparker: it allows to investigate the structure of the subsoil up to 150-200 meters deep, but with less detail in comparison to the SBP.
It is composed by a Surface Control Unit, for the acquisition, the control and the recording of the data, and by a seismic source and a seismic cable, which detects the acoustic energy reflected by the subsoil.
Both the seismic source and the seismic cable are towed by the boat close to the surface of the water. Respect to the SBP, the seismic source produces a pulse with a frequency content between 200 Hz and 2 kHz.

[ examples of record ]

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